Our Focus

Here at United Way of Grays Harbor & Pacific Counties we focus on the building blocks for a good life. 


Our focus is to help kids succeed.  Our goal is to ensure all children have opportunities and acquire skills to succeed in school and in life. 
We invest in programs that provide results in positive youth development, quality afterschool academic support and increased graduation for all our youth.

Health & Self-Sufficiency

Our focus is to help people gain access to resources and support for their well-being. 
Supported programs include mental health services and nutrition. 
We also support programs that help senior citizens maintain their independence,
programs that provide employment coaching and teach life skills for people with disabilities. 
Our goal is to ensure that families have the tools and support they need to create financial stability
so they can live productive and economically stable lives.

Basic Needs

Our focus is to ensure people are safe and have enough food, shelter, and clothing. 
Our goal is to provide the necessary tools so our community members are able to strive for a better life. 
Supported programs offer crisis shelters, food for the hungry and disaster relief.


We recruit people and organizations who bring passion, expertise and the resources needed to get things done. 


Together we are making a difference all across our communities.