Who runs the United Way of Grays Harbor?
Members of the Board of Directors are local people who know our community and its needs. They are committed to mobilizing our local caring community to address local needs. They not only give their money, but also volunteer their time.

Why should I give to United Way?
Your contribution, when combined with the gifts of others, makes a powerful impact in our community. A single gift through United Way will address many challenges in our community and help people across our local area. Additionally, if you give through payroll deduction, or through the year, you are probably able to give more than you would be able to give with a one-time gift.

What if I don’t think I can afford to give?
By using United Way’s payroll deduction plan, you can invest even a small amount each pay period, and see it add up to a significant gift by year’s end.
Your investment combined with people across the community will have real impact. A contribution of just $5 a month can change lives!
Individuals can also set up a monthly or quarterly payment plan. Just call the United Way office to set up your gift today.

Can I designate my gift?
Yes. United Way of Grays Harbor accepts pledges for any of the 23 member programs or to other United Ways.

Where does my money go?
United Way funds programs that are provided by 23 United Way member agencies.
Money is raised locally and stays local to provide services for people in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties.

What are United Way’s operating costs?
United Way of Grays Harbor averages about 10% operating costs.
Those costs include fund-raising, salaries, campaign materials, office supplies and office equipment.

Who distributes the money?
Many community volunteers serve on the Admissions & Distribution Committee along with members of the United Way Board of Directors.
They tour local agencies and attend agency board meetings. They review agency programs, services and finances on an annual basis
and make recommendations to the United Way of Grays Harbor Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors makes decisions on which services are needed most and should receive support.