United Way of Grays Harbor began in 1938 as the "Community Chest" to create one community wide fundraising campaign.
A campaign of this nature would reduce expense and duplication of separate fund raising campaigns of several different health and welfare organizations.

In 1957 the United Good Neighbor Fund of Grays Harbor was incorporated and in May of 1975 it took the name United Way of Grays Harbor.
Through the years, the proliferation of agencies and rising costs has meant that United Way is unable to meet every operating expense of every agency.
Still, the concept of one campaign to meet many needs remains a vital part of United Way's philosophy and operations.

United Way also seeks to take an important role in solving community problems.
This does not imply that United Way should or can be all things to all people.
However, by acting as a neutral force, it can help the community to identify health and human care problems
and be that "community table" which brings people together to resolve these problems.

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