Hop To It

Hop To It is a fun game that not only will teach your kids their sight words, but will also get them active. All you need are the sight word cards you made last week, the list you used for making the cards, and a little floor space. To add a bit more fun you can cut out lily pads to write the words on.

To begin, lay your sight word cards on the floor face up, spreading them out for plenty of hopping room. Next get your list of sight words, call out a word from the list have your child hop like a frog to that word and pick it up. If your child cannot identify a word put it in a separate pile so you can work on practicing that word later. Continue until your child has collected all the cards. If you are playing with more than one child, take turns hopping. See who can collect the most cards to win.

This is a game that will have your child laughing and enjoying learning their sight words. Stay tuned next Tuesday for another fun learning game!


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