Our Stories

We receive tons of success stories throughout the year.  Here are a few!


"Late Night is a safe place for kids and me to go have fun on a boring Saturday night. At Late Night, I get to hang out with my friends, swim, work out in the weight room and play dodge ball, which is really fun. My experiences through volunteering at Late Nights are that I have developed leadership skills, responsibility and reliability. All which give me further opportunities for working at the YMCA. Going to Late Night gives me something fun to do and Jr. Leaders Club makes me more responsible and reliable for a greater outcome in life." -Daniel

Children's Advocacy Center received a call from the Community Hospital stating that there was a mother in the Emergency Room that would be requiring emergency surgery. The Social worker gave the mom information about their crisis nursery program and the mom agreed to use their services. Staff immediately went to the hospital and spoke to the mom. The two young children were placed in their care until the following day when she was due to be released from the hospital. The mom's surgery was successful. Staff drove the oldest child to school the following morning and then returned the younger child to the mom as she was being released from the hospital.