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This story comes to us from our partner programs.  It is a story of courage.  It is a story of how all of us working together can truly change someone's life for years to come!




Harvey is from Georgia.  He is married and has two young kids.  Somehow his wife started hanging around some pretty shady characters and got hooked on drugs.  Harvey didn't know what to do and how to get away from it, but in his heart he knew, there was a chance his kids would follow in those footsteps.

So in the middle of the night, he worked up the courage, packed up his kids, grabbed a backpack and escaped.  He made it all the way to Washington, right here in Grays Harbor.  I can't even imagine.  On one hand, he is incredibly thankful but at the same time,  he's terrified!  Where are they going to sleep?  How is he going to feed Sarah & Brian?  
















Thankfully, Harvey found help through United Way's huge network of programs and immediately received shelter, hot food and clothing.  Over time, the counseling services, employment referrals and even the housing vouchers allowed them to rebuild their life.

You know what?  You did that!  You plucked Harvey out of the cycle of poverty and put him on a pathway. 

You gave Sarah & Brian the possibility of having a healthy childhood where they can thrive.  YOU did that!  

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